What is the maximum pressure the dome valve seal can bear? Piston and piston rod are usually static seals. Generally, O-ring is used below 20MPa, and O-ring with one retaining ring is used above 20MPa. Two retaining rings are added for two-way pressure bearing. Of course, dumbbell seal and rectangular ring are also available. The pressure bearing capacity can reach 50MPa

The seal between the guide sleeve and the piston rod, that is, the rod seal is a dynamic seal, which is commonly used with stern seal followed by U-ring. It is unidirectional compression. Both of them are used together to ensure reliable sealing, with the pressure up to 40MPa. The two sides of the seal are supported and guided by guide belts

The end cover, the guide sleeve, the gland and the cylinder barrel are statically sealed. Generally, the O-ring is used below 20MPa, and the O-ring is used above 20MPa with a retaining ring. The two-way pressure bearing is added with two retaining rings. Of course, there are dumbbell seal and rectangular ring, and the pressure bearing can reach 50MPa

The gland must use a dust ring to prevent dust. The tolerance of cylinder bore is grade H8, the tolerance of rod is grade F7, the piston and piston rod are grade H8 / shaft F7, the bottom diameter hole of sealing groove is H9, and the shaft is H9. These sealing samples have shown that the seal between guide sleeve and piston rod is dynamic seal, and the clearance is generally 0.2-0.4mm. The higher the pressure is, the smaller the clearance is.

It has outstanding characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, ozone resistance and weather resistance, excellent hydrophobicity and proper air permeability, incomparable insulation performance, and can meet the hygiene level of food hygiene requirements and meet the requirements of various colors. The disadvantage is that the mechanical strength of rubber material is the worst, not oil resistant. The temperature range is – 100 ~ + 300 ℃. It can be used in high temperature, cold, strong ultraviolet radiation areas and high-rise buildings.