Today, TianJin ShangShi Co., Ltd. will briefly introduce the common standard seals for dome valves. Due to its unique design of superior performance, dome valve is widely used in material conveying system. At the same time, it can also be provided to users as an independent product. At present, the well-known brands are Clyde, macawber and Pneuplan. For dome valve products, we have developed a full range of high-quality rubber seals from DN50 to DN500, including O-ring, V-ring, spring U-ring and special V-shaped air bag seal.


O-ring is suitable to be installed on all kinds of mechanical equipment and play a sealing role in static or moving state under specified temperature, pressure and different liquid and gas medium. O-ring is mainly used for static seal and reciprocating seal. The O-ring still plays a good role in sealing and shock absorption in the environment of oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, grinding and chemical erosion. Therefore, O-ring is the most widely used seal in hydraulic and pneumatic transmission system. The O-ring standards of Youdi industrial seal include as568-oa, iso3601-oi, JIS b241-op / og, etc.


V-ring is a kind of pure elastic rubber seal ring used for rotating shaft. According to different working conditions, the commonly used materials are TRN nitrile rubber (NBR), TRV fluororubber (FKM), tre ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM), trhn hydrogenated nitrile rubber, etc. This kind of sealing form can not only prevent the internal grease or oil leakage, but also prevent the invasion of external splashing water or dust.
There are many kinds of products, such as VVA series, vvl series. VA is a common type, the maximum size can reach 4m, vs section is wider, fixed more firmly, VL section is narrow, suitable for narrow space, VX is installed on the shaft with stainless steel hoop, suitable for high-speed shaft of rolling mill and paper machine. In addition, for the special requirements of super large size or on-line maintenance of equipment, VA and vs can also be supplied in the form of cutting (it needs to be used with on-site heat vulcanization equipment).


gU-ring is also called end face sealing ring, flange sealing ring and rotary sealing ring. It is a multifunctional sealing element, which is composed of U-shaped sealing sleeve and V-shaped corrosion resistant spring. Youdi industrial seal series SUR1 and sup1 are used for reciprocating motion, while sur2 and sup2 are used for rotary motion. The recommended working condition data are: static maximum pressure: 180MPA; dynamic maximum working pressure: 80MPA: working temperature range: -200 C to 260 C, speed: reciprocating motion: 15 m / S; rotary motion: 10M / S.