clyde dome valve data sheet.The operating efficiency of all Clyde BergemannMaterials Handling systems relies upon the uniqueDome / Spheri Valve, currently installed in over 40,000 applications worldwide. The valve featuressimple but robust construction allowing reliable,unrestricted full-bore material flow that minimizesthe possibility of material build-up within the valvebody. Simple in design and low in maintenance,this high performance valve is used throughout a wide range of industries, especially the Power Industry. In action the Dome / Spheri Valve is apressure tight compressed air operated valve,capable of returning over one million maintenancefree cycles, even in abrasive, hazardous or toxic applications. The fast-closing cut-off valve incorporates a unique inflatable sealing mechanism. This is done using an inflatable rubber seal which is pressurised when the valve is in the closed position and is then deflated when the valve is opened. The valve is opened and closed using a pneumatically operated actuator. The instrument air source used to operate the actuator is also used to inflate the seal which provides the pressure tight seal against the dome surface when in the closed position. Inflatable sealing mechanism: Before opening, the seal deflates and the dome turns 90º providing full bore opening for unobstructed material flow.

● Actuator: Dependant on product size, a choice of Vane or Cylinder actuated models is available on valve sizes greater than 200mm. On smaller models the vane actuator is standard.
● Customised Manufacture: Dome / Spheri Valves can be customised to meet the special requirements of most applications. Optional quality seals and internal coatings are available, applied to the Dome /Spheri surface only, or to the internal surfaces of the Clyde Bergemann Dome / Spheri Valve body, or the adaptors.

Industry Applications
The Dome / Spheri Valve® is suited to
applications in a wide range of industries
from food to power, pharmaceutical to
mineral and plastics to metals. Capable of
moving or static column cut off, the valve
handles abrasive, cohesive, fine and dry
products with equal ease.

Internal Coating Examples:
We utilise the best tungsten carbide hard
coating for abrasive products; hard chrome
facing on the domes surface for sticky &
abrasive products and reinforced PTFE for
food applications / sticky / wet products.
Materials of Manufacture: Cast Iron, SG
Iron, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel.
Temperature Ratings: -10° to 200°C for the
standard Dome Valve. Up to 480°C
manufactured to order.
Pressure Ratings: 7 bar maximum pressure
on the standard Dome Valve. Up to 30 bar
manufactured to order.
Dome Valve® Configurations
The Dome / Spheri Valve is available in four
configurations dependent upon operational

● Longer maintenance intervals
● Low operational expenditure
● Up to 1,000,000 cycles between major
●Unrestricted full bore flow
●Cuts through moving or static material
●Pressures up to 7 bar standard and 30 bar
●Wide range of valve sizes